Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Signs of spring in Chicago:

1. Restaurants tear down their temporary winter doors and set up their sidewalk seating.
2. The cops set up their ticket traps on every corner.
3. The EL starts smelling like pee again.
4. Tourists in Capri pants block the sidewalks as they admire all the tall buildings.
5. I lose my coat.

Somewhere in the last week — between a brisk morning, a balmy afternoon and a late night getting home from work or rehearsal — I managed to leave my favorite black windbreaker … somewhere. It’s not at work, it’s not in my car, it’s not on the pile of crap near the kitchen where I tend to leave things I’m going to need again the next day, and it’s not in the front closet where I sometimes take the initiative to hang it. And I’m normally not one to lose things, so its absence is driving me crazy.

I also can’t find the closing documents for our condo, which I need so I can register with the county treasurer and finalize some changes to our homeowners insurance.

So my life is officially a mess.

Fortunately, I have a few things on my calendar to keep me focused. For starters, marathon training starts Saturday morning. I’m hoping to score another totally cool training group so my long runs are an adventure instead of a cruel and unusual punishment. My plan: to use my wide array of superpowers to identify the cool people as everyone mills around before the pace run and then to convince us all to run in a pack so we get assigned to the same group. Because I can’t bear the thought of spending every Saturday morning this summer with boring, whiny people.

By the time I get home from my run, my folks should be here from Iowa to see my new condo for the first time and to meet my boyfriend for the first time.

And I hope they bring their coat-finding radar equipment. I’m going to be boring and whiny until my windbreaker turns up.

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