Sunday, December 12, 2004

Three standing ovations

How many did YOU get this weekend? :-)

The show went smashingly well. Our audiences cheered for the amazing stuff, laughed at the funny stuff, and applauded after all the cool solos and features. I got tons of compliments on my choreography, and I doled out tons of heartfelt compliments to our soloists and my dancers. The whole thing was a love fest. A big gay man-hugging love fest in honor of the birth of our lord and savior, Jesus H. Christ.

(Except for the one Jewish song. I'm not sure what IT was in honor of. Because I don't speak Jewish.)

But it gets better. Emboldened by the irresistable glow I got from my store-brand self-tanner (which is FAR preferable to stage makeup), I also violated my don't-sleep-with-fellow-chorus-members rule tonight at the cast party. I mean I TRIED to violate my don't-sleep-with-fellow-chorus-members rule tonight at the cast party. There's this hunky guy in the chorus, see, whom I've never talked to. (As you more experienced readers may remember, "guy I'm attracted to" = "guy I'm usually a bit shy about approaching.") Anyway, I quite randomly -- honest! -- found myself sharing one of our many dressing rooms with him last night. And then again tonight. And the guy looks GOOD in his underwear. Damn good. (As you more astute between-the-lines readers may note, he and I found ourselves side-by-side in our underwear twice in 24 hours -- and we also managed to sing three smash-hit shows in that time -- and we never once found a reason to strike up a conversation. I'm, like, totally retarded.)

Determined not to let him get away between now and our next rehearsal, which is a whole month away, I boldly walked up to him tonight at our party and said hello. And soon we were "accidentally" brushing hands and thighs and other body parts. And soon after that we had our arms around each other. And before we knew it, we were canoodling. Shamelessly canoodling. One might say we were perhaps even flirting.

And then he dropped the B-bomb. And after a LOT of probing questions, he reluctantly admitted he and the B were monogamous. And then I found out he's a top anyway. Sheesh!

And now I'm sitting home alone, blogging instead of doing whatever it is that people with better luck than mine do.

Just like always.


RcktMan Rick said...

Jesus Christmas, Jake. Did we have the exact same experience? Or did we shamelessly flirt with the exact same chorus boy? (In my case, he's a man, but I digress.)

See my blog for the (almost exact same) story.

Jake said...

Same song, different verse.

My guy is a tenor (I think), and he'd never brought his boyfriend to any chorus event so I had no reason to think he was taken.

But I think I know which one your guy is, and mine looks even better in jeans -- so I win! Kind of.

Erick said...

I saw the show last night---it was wonderful. I went last year with a group of friends. and we all went again this year---so very fun. Great job!

Andy said...

Glad the show went well guys. Um - maybe you need to widen the pool with a different chorus?

He's a top, too? You can always play swordfight I suppose.

J. said...

Far be it for me to judge, but maybe you shouldn't keep it in the family, as it were. isn't getting with other chorus members like fucking your first cousin? I don't know. It's just what I would think.

And it's 2004 for Hey-Zuess X-mas sake! Let's stop confining ourselves to sexual proclivities. It's like imposing a hindrance on an already hindered subculture. Am I judging again? I should probably just stop here. It's really none of my business.

I just wanted to say that I thought the reporter who was backstage before Saturday's matinee was a sexy beast -- but I'm probably a bit biased.

Jake said...

You weren't the only one who thought he was a sexy beast, you sexy beast.

Todd said...

Congrats on the successful show! Sorry it didn't work out with the chorus-boy. It was evil of him to canoodle while monogamous. Damn that cock-tease!

Sven said...

two things.

what is Jesus' middle name. whats all this "H" about?

and secondly.
what kept you from taking photos of taken hot boy in his underwear during all this stripping? helllllllooooooo.

David said...

I love the fact that he got a taste of Jake before rememebering he had a boyfriend-uh-huh..., Now that your shows over you can come see mine!!!!