Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Pie party!

So since Mom is here for the week, and since she makes these amazing pies, we decided to have a small pie party last night so she could show off her pastry prowess and meet my friends.

The poor woman spent the entire day in my rarely used kitchen with my rarely used kitchen implements and my so stale they all had to be replaced at the last minute spices, but she whipped up 10 delicious pies in a range of pielicious flavors, and we had a lovely little reception.

But my stupid friends had this weird obsession with "calories" and "fat" and "trying not to be mistaken for mall Santas," so Mom and I had to be hard-core pie pushers to get each of them to eat their required four servings. Our efforts worked, though; we were left with less than one pie after everyone left.

I love throwing parties, but here's what I hate about it: My place is not so big—and, in the case last night, Mom is not a pie factory—so I couldn't invite everyone I wanted. In fact, my short guest list represented about a third of the people whose pie holes I wanted to stuff. So to speak. And I will spend the next 10 months stressing over the hypothetical hurt feelings of friends who for all I know couldn't have come anyway. (10 months. I'm that much of a mess.)

Fortunately—at least in the short term—I can drown those feelings of I-have-betrayed-my-friends despair in the yummy goodness of leftover pie.


Hugo said...

Hugo loves pie, both fresh and leftover....

Anonymous said...

snookums - for those of us faggots that do rotate our spices and bake and did not make the guest list - even if only for the pesky detail of only knowing you via your blog (great reads, btw) - at least tell us what flavor pies you made with mumsy....

just asking.

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Peter said...

I'm hurt and offended, and I will never forgive you for not inviting me!

Just kidding. I'm glad you had a good time; I imagine that it's not every day you get to taste Mom's Best Pie In The World (tm); you know, you *could* ask your mom for the recipes; that way, you wouldn't have to wait for her once-in-a-blue-moon visits.

Jake said...

The pie flavors:

Custard (with a hint o' eggnog)
Chocolate cream
Raisin sour cream


RcktMan Rick said...

I had the Pumpkin, Apple and the Pecan. WOWSAH. Jake your mom makes an amazing pie. Check that... MANY amazing pies. I only wish I had room for more.

Oh by the way, the Pecan was HOT out of the oven. A la Mode even. Ummmmmm. :)

Anonymous said...

yum! thanks!