Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Christmas is ruined

Yesterday, my boss gave me a very thoughtful gift, which told me on no uncertain terms that I'm the biggest homo she knows.

And it prompted me to run home last night and finally wrap the equally thoughtful (but in a completely different way) gift I'd bought for her a month earlier.

And when I gave it to her this morning—giddy with the promise of her endless amusement over my shopping prowess—I found out that some other scabby Grinch thoughtful employee already gave her the same gift.


ADDENDUM: My boss saw this post and requests that I state here, clearly and unequivocally, that she is not, in fact, a crazy cat lady. Even though she has multiple cats. And she talks about cats all the time. And she just admitted that she addressed her cats as "people" as recently as this morning. And she poops in a litterbox.


palochi said...

Those bitches done be conspirin' aginst y'all. Look at it this way... you'll always be the gayest boy she knows. Nobody can beat you on that, right? :-)

My boss didn't even say goodbye, much less "Happy Holidays" or anything like that.

Dennis! said...

THANK YOU for this post! There's a woman in my office who's far too young to be a CCL (she's 28), but I swear she is and I call her that to her face frequently. I am so getting this for her even though I've already gotten her a Christmas gift.....