Thursday, October 30, 2003

Well, we're movin' on up!

We're merging with a sister (more like distant cousin, actually) agency in a few weeks, and since we're moving into their space, we had a party there last night to check it out. And it's friggin' COOL. There are almost no parallel lines in the entire place, it's decorated in a riot of colors and textures and shapes, there are just-for-atmosphere video monitors embedded in all the walls, there are tons of interesting places to go and brainstorm -- and the center of the building features this huge nuclear-reactor-shaped cone thing that spans three floors and houses all the vending machines, microwaves and eating areas. And there's a massive staircase winding around it. And there's this funky bridge that stretches next to it to connect office areas. Dude, it's gonna be awesome -- like working on a Hollywood set for a movie taking place in a kick-ass advertising agency.

The location couldn't be cooler either -- it's three blocks closer to the train, it's in the middle of a retail/restaurant district, it's two blocks from Michigan Avenue and it's in the same building as a trendy gym. Woo-hoo!

The only downside: There were NO hot guys at the party last night. Which -- I know -- doesn't mean there are no hot guys working there. There could have been a hot-guys-only offsite meeting last night or something. But the dark cloud of reality says the eye candy potential doesn't look so good. (For the record, there were about four cute-ish guys; but the cutest of them was wearing a wedding ring and some godawful Dockers-type getup. The horror!)

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