Thursday, October 09, 2003

10,000 Mile Checkup

It was slow at work yesterday, so I decided it was a good time to head to the doctor's for a look under the hood (as it were). Unfortunately, my doctor has gotten too popular, and it's always a bitch to get in with him.

Fortunately, I'd met a new-on-the-market doctor this summer who was conveniently located, intelligent, capable, in my insurance network, accepting new patients—and gay. So I paid him a visit yesterday afternoon, we dished for a while, and I walked out a quart low on blood and covered in band-aids. (And I got to pee in a cup!) I also got a flu shot while I was there, so in addition to my blood-loss-induced wooziness, I have that I-just-got-a-flu-shot malaise today.

Now I'm looking for some heavy machinery to operate.