Monday, October 20, 2003

It's gorgeous out

Dan wanted to go blading along the lakefront after work, but it was almost dark -- and kinda windy -- by the time we got home. And neither of us had been on our blades all summer. So we wisely decided to take a long walk instead. We headed up to the Armory so Dan could get his meningitis inoculation, and we stopped for delicious Oreo McFlurries on the way.

After we said our goodbyes on this balmy October evening, I chatted with my folks for a half hour and then collapsed in front of the TV for a gory show about autopsies, then the news and then yet more ice cream and some mind-numbing Leno jokes.

Now I'm all fat and happy and ready for bed -- though I have visions of sawed-off ribcages and ladles of stomach contents and cross-sections of brains dancing through my head.

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