Saturday, October 11, 2003

I ran five miles this morning. And the only thing that hurt when I finished was my right calf -- so I'm cautiously thinking my hip injury is all healed. But -- for a beautiful Saturday morning -- the lakefront path was awfully empty. I find it hard to believe the entire Chicago running community is resting up for tomorrow's marathon. But I've never been much in tune with the group think that seems to influence the rest of the world.

I spent the afternoon downtown with Rad, a total cutie I met on the Atlantis Mediterranean cruise last fall. He's in town for a conference with some (hot!) colleagues. The five of us putzed around the North Michigan Avenue shopping area and then ate at some cheesy-ass diner that served the worst omelet I've ever choked down. Bleah.

Then it was off to a 10-year anniversary party for Sean and Christopher. Now I'm too tired to live.

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