Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Rats! I mean Lions!

I haven't seen J., the dreamy dance captain who's in town for the national tour of The Lion King, since that fateful day two months ago when he confessed his romantic interest in me and then told me he had a boyfriend.

So guess who shows up at the gym today, looking all sexy and being all touchy-feely friendly? Sigh. Apparently the boyfriend thing is still going well for him. And apparently he's still very happy to see me. And apparently I'm still a little bit crushed by all of this.

On the flip side, he said he could get me house seats for a Lion King performance. (Now all I need is a date who can understand that my heart lies with the lithe dancer in the porcupine suit on the stage.) And he said he wants to come see the chorus show I'm helping choreograph.

Best-case scenario: He sees how talented -- and datable -- I am, dumps his boyfriend, offers me a job in his show, and we dance off into the sunset together, hand-in-hand in our matching porcupine suits.

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