Tuesday, October 21, 2003

The chorus sang tonight at an induction ceremony for the Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame. The event was held in a smallish ballroom in the beautiful beaux-arts Chicago Cultural Center, which I've always wanted to check out. And I wasn't disappointed. What an amazing building!

Apparently the hall of fame thing tonight was a Big Deal. The press were there. The mayor was there. And so was Ian, a member of a tight-knit group of friends that adopted me when I moved here three years ago and apparently divorced me last year. I hadn't heard from or seen any of them since an awkward bump-into-on-the-sidewalk encounter early this spring -- so it was especially ironic that when I got home tonight there was a letter in my mailbox from my mortgage broker with a $50 gift card to thank me for referring Dan, another member of that group, to him.

Water under the bridge. I lose some friends I never really felt comfortable around, I get a $50 dinner courtesy of my mortgage broker, I get to sing in front of a roomful of homos. Everybody wins!

Anyway, in between Ian and Dan I got a surprise mini-date with the ultra-dreamy and always-fun Scott. He and I ended up standing next to each other on stage tonight, and after the concert we decided to hit the big sale at Field's -- where I got two kick-ass new shirts and a funky pair of jeans -- and then grab dinner at Potbelly's. Then we sat by each other on the train with our legs pressed tightly against each other. A quick peck on the lips at his stop, though, and it was all over. Sigh.

Now I just have to decide which shirt to wear to work tomorrow.

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