Saturday, October 18, 2003

Take every character cliche known to man, add the most predictable feel-good-movie-of-the-year plot, throw in a goofy premise that just might work and even have a couple characters learn a few Important Life Lessons along the way ... and what do you have? Only the funniest movie I've seen in a long time.

We had a writers' night out after work last night, and after yet another disappointing dinner at Heaven on Seven, we howled our way through the amazingly funny School of Rock. On paper, this movie should have ranked right up there on the funny scale with the Ernest franchise, but thanks to some really clever performances and some truly inventive jokes on top of the really tired old ones (like the effeminate little boy whose favorite singer is Liza Minnelli) School of Rock really works.

It probably didn't hurt that I was sitting next to Bill, whose laugh alone provides added value to the price of admission. And I just wouldn't be Jake if I didn't mention the amazing hotness of the actor playing Spider, the replacement guitarist who shows up when Jack Black's character gets voted out of his band. You'll understand when you see him in his all-hotpants-and-nipples Battle of the Bands outfit. Grrr.

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