Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Don't tell my niece ...

But I just had to look up last year's blog post to figure out how old she turns today. Which is seven, judging by all the sixness I mentioned here a year ago. Part of me thinks I should feel horrified that I can't remember exactly how old she is, but part of me can't remember what I had for breakfast today. And that last sentence just made me hungry. Great.

In any case, happy seventh birthday to my little niece! It seems like just yesterday you were turning ... um ... six. Ahem.

As is our family's custom, I'll be calling her in a few minutes and warbling Happy Birthday through my stupid cold. Well, technically the cold isn't part of the custom, but the early-morning warbling is. Because everyone sounds good at 7:00 am. Stupid custom.

And we'll all be celebrating together in person this weekend in Iowa. The theme this year: Hannah Montana. Or maybe High School Musical. Again, I'm not entirely sure. But I can tell you with almost complete certainty that the theme isn't Electoral College. Thankfully, she outgrew that phase a couple years ago.

You'll have to excuse me, though. I need to go do some vocal warmups. I have a command performance to give in a few moments.

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