Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Do NOT be accountable for your actions

Using one of the most cowardly and cruel weapons possible, Bashar al-Assad unleashed yet another deadly chemical attack on his own Syrian people yesterday.

Our petulant, inarticulate, puerile man-boy president immediately blamed Barack Obama, using words that are clearly too big for his demonstrated vocabulary by calling it "a consequence of the past administration's weakness and irresolution."

To wit: Instead of working to form a multilateral or even unilateral response to the chemical attack .. instead of providing or even discussing humanitarian aid for the victims of the chemical attack ... man-boy spent the day of the chemical attack at a building trades union conference and a CEO town hall promising to destroy "horrible" Dodd-Frank consumer financial protections that in his third-grade vocabulary needed a "major haircut" plus -- PLUS! -- bragging about the states he won in his presidential election. Which was five months ago, for those of us who are now focusing on his current failures instead of his past victory.

But back to blaming Obama: Not that anyone wanted man-boy's educationless opinion at the time, but after Assad unleashed one of his chemical attacks on his own people in 2013, man-boy repeatedly -- REPEATEDLY -- "advised" Obama via the time-honored diplomatic-advisory channel known as Twitter to "do NOT [his caps] attack Syria."

Man-boy went from advising "our very foolish leader" to "do NOT attack Syria" after a chemical massacre to another chemical massacre being "a consequence of the past administration's weakness and irresolution."
Nothing is ever man-boy's fault. Nothing of importance or value not relating to himself is ever man-boy's priority. Nothing is even ever worth man-boy's time and effort to fully understand.

There is nothing good or decent or honest or respectable or noble or even humanitarian about him. He is nothing but nothing. Nothing.

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