Sunday, April 23, 2017

Please use your inside voices

So after a lengthy visit to the doctor -- made lengthier by my inability to pee on command -- the diagnosis is there is no diagnosis. Which is good in the sense that there's no intestinal blockage requiring surgery but bad in the sense that my tummy still hurts sometimes to the point of doubling over and nobody knows why. The very early stages of appendicitis and kidney stones are still possibilities but are highly improbable. And the doctor didn't say this outright but I know in my heart I'm not pregnant. So all I can do is wait and see if it gets worse. And nap. Which I'm totally about to do. Yes, nap. Nap nap nap.

But thanks for all your concern and well-wishes. I'm still really bummed I cut my trip short but I do get an unplanned day out of it that's perfect for napping. Which I'm totally about to do. But you maybe already knew that.

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