Thursday, April 20, 2017

That. Tap. Class. Was. Amazing.

And challenging. And exhausting. And fun. And sweaty. But I'm always sweaty.
Ultimately it was just like any other good tap class I've ever taken. I don't know if I was expecting sequins and Broadway stars, but I wouldn't know about the Broadway stars anyway; nobody talked to anybody. Ever.

I was rustier than I thought I'd be -- I don't think I've even had my tap shoes on in over a year -- but I totally kept up with the class. I'd say we were all on the same level as far as our ability to learn and retain choreography accurately but when the teacher had us do technique exercises one at a time, I was definitely in the bottom third of the class.

BUT! And here's the big but: If you've ever taken a tap class with me or heard me complain about my personal tap frustrations, you know I catastrophically suck at pullbacks, which are a fundamental skill for every tapper. The Broadway Dance Center teacher -- who calls herself the best pullback teacher in New York -- worked with us one on one today in class ... and with her help I ACTUALLY DID SOME RESPECTABLE PULLBACKS! Which is the best self-birthday present ever.

Me. Pullbacks. At Broadway Dance Center. So far it's been an awesome day.

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