Monday, April 03, 2017

Follies Fosse flashback

Follies is five days away, and nobody is safe from my relentlessly jazz-handed posts this week. Nobody. Not even you.
Did someone say Follies? Because oh my god I have a Follies memory right here that I can share! Here I am backstage with my indefatigable swing partner Jill in the last Follies I did before I moved to Chicago and she eventually moved away to parts west but I came back so you could enjoy my Follies posts you're welcome. Jill looks all wholesome and ready to six-count her way into the hearts of millions in this picture while I look all awkwardly trynabe sexy in my Fosse black and never-did-fit bowler hat. But that's the magic of theater: decades-apart dance styles and a little bit too much boyblush crossing hurriedly backstage like two ships in the night who pause for a huggy picture even though ships don't have arms.

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