Saturday, April 08, 2017

Happy opening night, Follies!

Well actually it's happy opening matinee, which makes the sun wash out the shimmery chaser lights on the marquee and exposes the fact that my worshipful, adoring opening-night throngs are really just some random dude who didn't even know his indifferent butt was photobombing my glamour selfie, which means I am not, in fact, living the Bette Midler dream this afternoon, which also probably undermines my Equity points and my Broadway salary, which means it's just pretzels and beer again for dinner, but I'm still here writing a Facebook post so I guess I'll do the show. Just as soon as I can find my hat.

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Simon Donoghue said...

Does anyone still wear . . . a hat? The show looks FANTASTIC. I bow to you. And whoops, I also found a quarter!