Sunday, April 02, 2017

Putting the bass in basement

Here's my decadently rococo Follies home for the next week. Come see our show for my delicately nuanced portrayal of Wally Womper, then stay for my delicately nuanced portrayal of a Jersey Boys backup dancer. If my masterfully crafted character studies aren't your thing -- haters! -- this show is bursting with incredible people creating some breathtakingly incredible moments. Like our transcendent four-tenor "Bring Him Home." And our gorgeously lyrical "Beauty and the Beast" pas de deux. And our take-no-prisoners "Jesus Christ Superstar" flygirls. And -- back to me -- what I count as the supreme privilege of singing "Luck be a Lady" and "Seasons of Love" with people who are both dear friends and powerhouse singers.

And if none of that entices you, the Paramount Theatre has seats of luxe merlot brocade -- brocade! -- velvet and a winding, statue-populated catacomb hallway leading to the downstairs bathroom lounge that positively captivated me as a kid. So if for no other reason, come see me in Follies so you can pee in the basement.

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