Monday, January 03, 2005

Why I started blogging:

Because it sounded like something fun to do.

Because I can't stop writing.

Because I was desperate to write about something I cared about that didn't have to be approved by a corporate legal department first.

Because I love reading other people's blogs, and I wanted to jump into the fray.

Because I wanted to impress my first blog crush with my effortless charm and convince him to move to Chicago and be Best Friends Forever. (He's since fallen off the face of the earth. Or turned straight. I seem to have that effect on men.)

Because interesting things always seem to happen to me. And if they don't, I make them happen to me. My life is Blogburger Helper.

Because I thought it would be fun to write snarky, cryptic posts about the porn-quality sexual adventures I may or may not be having to titillate people into visiting again and again and again. And maybe to give the impression that I am a total studbucket with perfect hair. But I stopped doing all that the day my family found out about my blog.

Because I wanted a place to vent about horrible dates, rude bus riders and bad customer service providers. And to make fun of Rush Limbaugh. Because he's a total poopy-head.

Because I could recycle my blog posts as field-tested paragraphs in my epic Christmas letter.

Because there was a possibility I could build a following that could maybe support me in the event I actually wrote a book. Kinda like David Sedaris and NPR.

I never set out to write a gay blog—I just wanted to write a Jake blog that let me shake loose odds and ends out of my head and practice writing outside the world of advertising. And it's been as fun as I'd hoped—it's helped me strike up some nice friendships, meet some cool people, exchange steamy emails with hot bloggers ... and it's definitely made me a better writer. When you realize you have people reading your stuff mere seconds after you post it, you develop a panic attack knack for writing final drafts the first time (though I constantly edit the posts I make here) and you work extra hard to be clever and funny and engaging every time you write something. Because as every blogger knows: You're only as good as your last post.

So imagine my surprise when all this self-indulgent blogging got me nominated for a gay BOB Award. Given all the fabulous, addictive, way-more-engaging-than-mine blogs out there, I am truly humbled to be singled out. And truly terrified that I'll let all of you down.

I'd never heard of this award, but shameless attention whore that I am I'm thrilled to be a finalist. So vote for me if you want. Or don't.

Or do.

And thanks for reading. And liking. I'm truly touched.


hideki72 said...

Thanks for blogging. I love it. :)

Jeff said...

I'm sure we're as happy to touch you as you are happy to be touched.

Wait, that doesn't sound right. Um....

katielady said...

You have a great blog! Keep writing, you entertain me! Check out mine some time, tell me what you think.

Andy said...

Oh come on - we all know the whole lipo story was like a Sweeps Week. Granted, you bled for your blog.

RcktMan Rick said...

OMG... You did Lipo for ratings? Andy figured you out. ;)

Good luck in the contest. My blog is up for "Blog with most searches for Nate Berkus." I'm so proud.

just call me jeff said...

Sweeps Week gimmick or not, the lipo episode was just the latest in a loooong line of belly jigglers. I'm shamelessly stuffing the ballot box, Jake. You're a shoo-in!


palochi said...

"What I Did for Blog" <- title song of the new hit musical "Chorus Lipo 2: The Love Handles Strike Back"