Thursday, January 13, 2005

Who rocks the house?

My codemonkey friend Bob rocks the house!

Bob single-handedly figured out the problem with my blogger source code that was making the sidebar jump to the bottom of the screen in Internet Explorer browsers. And he patiently explained it to me so I think I kind of understand it. (He at least explained it enough—over the phone, no less—that I was able to fix it. Which makes me codemonkey-by-proxy. I might have to get a commemorative plaque or T-shirt made with that impressive new title on it.)

And now—for the low, low price of a dinner some night very soon—I have the coolest blog in the entire universe. Really. It's even better than this one.


just call me jeff said...

Oh my dog! The memories you've just stirred up -- Blair, Jo, Natalie and (of course) Tootie. I remember watching that show and just not having the guts to admit it to anyone. And I didn't even watch it just because of George Clooney -- I loved the stories. Yup, I'm that gay!

I gotta run now. Time to do a search for websites for the other girls.

PS. Your blog is most assuredly cool, but it's still got a loooong way to go before it's as cool as Lisa's!

Todd said...

Charlotte Rae, better known as Mrs. Garrett from The Facts of Life, makes a cameo appearance in the Scissor Sisters' new video, Filthy/Gorgeous. Go here ( for details.

meratcha said...

Ohhhh..... your Blog is soooooooooo better. *That* one scared me!!!

Erick said...

Sweet sweet youth...
You take the good you take the bad. You take them both and there you have...Charlotte Rea and her LUSCIOUS cascade of red hair piled atop her head in that gibson girl bun! I can almost hear that trill now...GIRLS!!!!!

vanguard said...

Cooler than Blair? THAN BLAIR? Honey, have you ever heard the myth of Pegasus and Bellerophon. He tried to fly up to the gods, and Zeus sent a gadfly to bite Pegasus in the ass, he bucked and Bellerophon fell.
Baby, you're about to fall...and hard. And you're going to land. And it's going to hurt. A lot. And I'm going to point and laugh at your hubris. A lot.
I hate Blair. She didn't let Jo fuck her.
Sorry stream of consciousness.

Sean said...

Ah yes, everyone needs there own web bitch- glad you have yours

RcktMan Rick said...

Blair turned out to be one scary Bible-preachin' Home-schoolin' Child-spankin' freak. But she still retained her effervescent smile. Maybe it's all that Botox. Whatever, she's nuts.