Friday, August 13, 2004

The weekend with the ex

Jeff got here last night, and we promptly headed out to boystown to 1) buy shoes 2) buy those little floor lights that cast Dramatic Shadows on walls and plants 3) eat at Nookie's and 4) get purple slushy drinks at Sidetrack.

Today he's buying everything in sight on Michigan Avenue while I toil away at work. Tonight we're watching the Olympics opening ceremonies with a few friends.

Tomorrow he gets to guard our stuff while the chorus sings the National Anthem at a Cubs game. (Tune in to Fox at 12:20 pm if you wanna hear us.) Then more shopping. Then a party at Bill's.

Sunday is breakfast. Then he leaves and I try to run 10 miles despite having had no time to run for more than a week. ACK!

Oh -- and remember last month when I asked you-all for suggestions for finding those cool cube-shaped shelves I saw on Queer Eye? After having no luck in the world of retail, I'd mentioned them to Jeff -- the consummate handyman -- and he actually MADE SOME for me. And they're PERFECT. But they need paint. So before the weekend's over, my bathroom renovation should be complete. And if you're lucky, I'll post pictures for you.

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Dan said...

Let's see some pics! :)

great blog, jake. i'm hooked.