Monday, August 23, 2004

15 (kill me now) MILES!

Actually, tonight's run wasn't bad at all. It was a gorgeous, cool night, the trail was full of people, and I just kept running and running until I'd actually done a full 15 miles -- my longest training run yet! (I'm sure my traditional final-eighth-mile victory sprint was pathetic to watch, but at this point I'm feeling nothing but pride -- and what I'm sure will be a very loud pain in the morning.)

And I wasn't held back in the least by the three things I was worried about as I took off running: the toes I thought I broke four days ago, the sore throat I started developing yesterday and the greasy-burger combo meal I snarfed down five hours before I ran.

I also found a lakefront trail map on the Chicago Area Runner's Association Web site -- and apparently I've been running more than I've thought. According to the map, the trail winds around enough that I've been short-changing my accomplishments by using the linear distances I've been calculating. For instance, according to my calculations, the distance I ran tonight was only 12.5 miles, but the map clearly marks the Bryn Mawr-to-Navy-Pier round trip as 15 miles. Woo-hoo!

Check it out:


Anonymous said...

Didn't you ever notice the mile markers along the path at each of those points on the map?

Sven said...

the mile markers arent always there. oddly i found the same map yesterday on their website. i was sooo happy to find out that i ran 16 miles instead of 15... NOT!!!! I WAS DYING THAT LAST TWO MILES...