Sunday, August 15, 2004

Oh, say can you seeeeee
I'm on your teeeee veeee!

We sang the National Anthem at yesterday's Cubs game -- and once again it was a pretty moving experience. The robust, 8-part men's arrangement our musical director put together for us is lush and gorgeous enough to stir even the most patriotism-jaded soul. And we were well-miked with monitors that sent a full-bodied sound back to us. So, in short, we pretty much ROCKED. Score one for the gay guys.

And, once again, I didn't hear a peep of anti-gay sentiment when we were introduced or when we walked triumphantly off the field. Score one for the mature fans.

Afterward, Jeff and I went shopping up and down the streets of Boystown. Then we headed home to change clothes, pump up my bike tires and get a little exercise -- 8 miles on the bike for him and 5 miles on foot for me.

After cleaning up, we headed back to Boystown for a nice dinner and then a party at Bill's, thrown to celebrate his new closets. (We fags can turn ANYTHING into a reason to throw a party. And this one was pretty fun. It's inspired me to throw a bathroom-warming party -- just as soon as I finish painting and hanging the cool cube shelves Jeff made for me.)

Jeff took off for home this morning, and since then I've sanded and put two coats of paint on the shelves and run 11 MILES -- a first in my pushing-the-distance training journey. Now everything hurts (and stinks) and I'm headed for a nice long date with a nice warm shower.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jake. I'm glad that you were able to make it to the party last night, and that Jeff came with you. Nothing like fancy closets to make you feel like throwing a party! We've been cleaning and lounging today. See you soon... B.

RcktMan Rick said...

It was pretty awesome... 'cept we weren't on TV :( All sources have confirmed that we were neither televised nor on the radio. Crap. :-(

Other than that, it was once again awesome.

See you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Did you mean to link to:

or were you aiming for:

It gave me a good laugh (sorry, I know that makes me cruel ... ;)

Jake said...

I have NO idea how I fucked up that URL so thoroughly. But it's fixed now.

Stupid fingers.