Sunday, August 29, 2004

Weekend Adventures

My Weekend of New Cultural Adventures kicked off last night with my first Dance for Life, an annual evening of performances by every major Chicago dance company to raise money for HIV- and AIDS-related causes. Jim and Jeff and the boys and I got a huge block of tickets, and Jim even had authentic leis flown in from Hawaii for us so we could all be extra-fabulous at the pre-show see-and-be-seen reception in the very cool Crystal Garden on Navy Pier.

We also had a double celebrity sighting in the Crystal Garden! (Well, they're celebrities only among people who drool over the pictures in Atlantis cruise ads in gay publications.) In any case, the guys in this tiny picture were there:

Tonight Bob, David, Steve and I continue My Weekend of New Cultural Adventures with my first trip to Ravinia to hear Broadway diva Patti "The Original Evita" LuPone sing songs from shows she wished she'd done.

In other news, I hit a new milestone in my marathon training yesterday: 17 miles! Which means 1) I'm very confident I can get myself up to 26 miles in the next six weeks and 2) I don't have to run again until Tuesday. Woo-hoo! I'm surprisingly not very sore today, but my body seems to have started developing delayed-reaction pain as some sort of coping mechanism.


Anonymous said...

It's the last six you should be worried about.
--Yours in Blisters

Anonymous said...

OK, first you were at Sidetrack the same night as me (& yeah, OK, every other queen in Chicago); then you're at Patti LuPone's concert (&, um, yeah, OK, every other queen in Chicago)

You weren't one of the jerks fighting as the audience was exiting after the concert, were you?

Jake said...

Oh my god! How funny was that queen fight in the audience? "You TOUCHED me!" We were peeing our pants laughing!

Anonymous said...

"You touched me" as in "bad touch"?

My lowest instincts made me want to go over & stare & get the dirty details, but I was afraid Audra McDonald would still be there & would think less of me ...