Saturday, November 10, 2007

LiveBlogging: My niece's birthday party

My niece is six this weekend. We're in Iowa helping her celebrate. There are 18 kids at the house. The fiance and I are having our tubes tied the moment everyone leaves.

Everyone's outside playing a rousing game of Scream At The Top Of Your Lungs or some such warm-childhood-memory-building activity at the moment. Uncle Jake is hiding in the computer room until they can find him.

My sister has thrown together a fun-filled celebration, children notwithstanding. There's a table where kids can decorate their own mugs. There's a room where everyone can dance to my niece's favorite tunes (which mysteriously include Dancing Queen, Y.M.C.A. and We are the Champions). And there's a cupcake-decorating station. Which I was put in charge of. And to help the kids get their creative energies flowing, I've been decorating cupcakes along with them. And I have to say I think I have a lucrative future in the field of cupcakery:

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