Sunday, November 04, 2007

6 moulding frames. 48 cuts. 2 thumbs.

Whose brilliant idea was it to measure, miter, cut, sand, paint and attach moulding frames to our dining room walls? I mean seriously. The process is about as fun as making sweet bacon-scented monkey love to Fred Phelps.

We made our final decorating decisions and did our measuring and bought all our mouldings last weekend. And yesterday and today—it took two days because after I got halfway done yesterday I needed some serious private time away from that goddamn miter box—I got all the re-measuring, re-re-measuring, cutting, sanding, cleanup and final thumb-counting done. (I finished with two thumbs. And though my fingers survived all that sawing intact, I got a nasty paper cut ripping subscription cards out of a magazine about an hour later. Stupid subscription cards.)

Here's what the project looks like as of today (and as seen through the lens of my camera that doesn't seem to think it needs to use its auto flash in a semi-dark room):

Now all that's left is the easy part: painting, repainting, leveling, liquid nailing, actual nailing, caulking, and touching up both the white moulding paint and the blue wall paint.

And then gettin' myself all sexy for Fred.

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