Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Letters I have sent to editors

Dear Editor,
I love being a guy, and I have never had questions or confusion about my guyness. So I can barely imagine what it’s like to realize something is wrong with your gender and to make the decision to change it. The theocratic vitriol hurled at Largo, Florida, city manager Steve Stanton alone shows what transgendered people must face at work, with their families and just walking down the street. I may not understand it, but I salute the bravery and fortitude transgendered people show just by getting out of bed and facing the world on their own terms every day.

Dear Editor,
Mitt Romney will say anything to appeal to his political base, no matter how ridiculous it sounds. He’ll barter away the rights of citizens—be they pregnant women, gay people or average taxpayers—for votes. And he’ll make decisions that affect real people based on his belief in the supernatural. Sure, he looks like a president. Unfortunately, he looks just like the president we’re trying to replace.

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