Friday, November 19, 2004

Shameless Plug Public Service Announcement

Do you invest in mutual funds? Have a 401(k)? An IRA? A Roth IRA? CDs? Money-market holdings?

Did your eyes glaze over when you read that first paragraph?

At the bare minimum, you really should have retirement investments like IRAs and/or a 401(k) in place—and the sooner the better—because odds are my generation won't have Social Security to fall back on when we finally start to wrinkle. And it's not a bad idea to be making other investments to round out your portfolio. But if you don't even have the foggiest idea where to start, I have shameless plug to pass along to you.

I have a financial advisor named David Fain, and I'm impressed with him enough that I'm taking a break from my usual self-indulgent posts and brazen solicitations for praise to give him a little plug* right here on NoFo.

Since I met David last year, he's combed through my entire investment portfolio, recommended adjustments to my strategy, patiently explained things I didn't quite understand and taken care of new investments I'd been wanting to make. What really impressed me, though, is the fact that I gave him carte blanche to transfer my current investments to his name so he could get my commissions, and he didn't do it—saying it wasn't worth the cost to me.

What impressed me even more was that he took the time to get to know me personally and understand my needs and goals. He even took notes. And he calls me periodically to go over my portfolio, find out what's going on in my life and help me refine my strategies. No other investment advisor has done that for me.

He's also an experienced marathon runner, so right there you know he's good people. And though I try to keep my business in the family, hopelessly heterosexual David is much cooler (i.e., more stable, more reliable, more competent) than any of the gay financial people I've tried to work with in the past.

So give him a call at 847-663-7758. Even if you're not in the Chicago area.

Tell him Jake sent you.

* Full disclosure: I get nothing from any referrals I make here beyond the satisfaction of spreading the gospel of financial responsibility (and maybe a free dinner the next time I meet with David). David simply asked me this week if I knew anyone he could call to drum up new business, and I figured NoFo was the best way to reach a wide range of people. And that's the miracle of the blogosphere: it brings us networking opportunities in the name of financial harmony.


Erick said...

That is really good to know. I have a roth IRA, IMRF and a money market accout. The people at my bank are helpful, but perhaps I'll try this guy.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a pretty cool fella. The only concern I have is that I like financial advisors to be independantly free of any major financial entity that has products they want pimped.

This guy has a tie in what appears to be a fairly pretty broad way. Sometimes it matters... Of course it all depends on the trust part of the relationship.

But, yes, investments are a Good Thing(tm), cause lord knows Social inSecurity will be kaput by the time we get around to age 98... ;-D

-joel (

Peter said...

You're shameless! And thank you for the advice. I've never really invested before (mostly because I've never really had any money to invest), but now that I'm gainfully employed I suppose I should look into it. It's just that I'm so easily intimidated by this stuff, plus my paranoid nature always tells me that I'm being taken for a ride, even when I'm not.

tim said...

I would have contacted your financial advisor but I already have one that I love. She did get help get our finances in gear so that we could buy this fabulous one bedroom plus den in Manhattan. Now, if only our next door neighbors will move out so we can tear down the wall and create and even bigger space. Any suggestions?