Sunday, September 23, 2018

Well, THAT was a first

My lovely and delightful stage wife Lady Boxington and I were totally rocking the gorgeous Embassy Ball waltz at the top of Act II during today's nearly-sold-out My Fair Lady matinee just as we always do in our preternaturally eloquent grace, when out of the blueand thankfully way in the backwe discovered that we both had feet ... then we tangled them ... then we tottered slightly off balance ... then we tottered precariously off balance ... and then we went WHAM! on the floor (see actual illustration below) in full go-big-or-go-home WHAMMING complete with flying jewelry, WHAMMING noises, inelegant grunts, looks of terrified shock, catastrophic lack of dignity, fiery humiliation, earnest assurances that we were both OK, quick-as-humiliatedly-possible standing-upping andwe hopeseamless re-integration into the choreography just in time for my favorite swingy-army part ... all literally in a matter of eight measures.
We both continue to insist that we're fine, aside from the massive subdural hematoma on my I-can-still-dance-with-all-the-grace-and-assurance-I-had-when-I-was-25 delusional ego.

And we got this commemorative actual illustration of our fall for our scrapbooks that I found by googling "people falling over." So we're choosing to chalk this up as a win.

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