Tuesday, September 11, 2018

My Fair Lady costume pre-sets (L-R):

(in mirror) mega-cool roustabout-scalawag pants for Jamie the loyal Alfred P. Doolittle henchman and occasional street-quartet singer, in earthy shades of red; (on hangers) all-occasion tuxedo shirt, in crisp white; the formal uniform of Henry Higgins’ noble valet, in various shades of black and gray; Lord Boxington’s Ascot Gavotte morning-coat ensemble, in various totally-not-valet-colors-to-avoid-confusion-during-a-dark-costume-change shades of gray and black; Embassy Ball tuxedo, in the same shades of black and gray as everything else when you’re doing yet another frantically rushed costume change in the dark; a bunch of extra just-in-case hangers, in various whites and blacks AND THE RADIANT COLOR OF WOOD; Lord Boxington Ascot Gavotte felt top had, in fiery ruby-woo red.

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