Saturday, September 04, 2004

It's not the humidity. It's definitely the heat.

Give me a day that's cool and overcast with air as thick and moist as unset Jell-O® (mmm ... Jell-O®) and I can run for hours and hours and miles and miles ... as I so effortlessly deomonstrated on last weekend's 17-mile jaunt.

But throw in a bit of sun and some bell-bottomed, afro-poofed temperatures (that would be in the 70s, for those of you not able to follow my Jake-must-have-gotten-dropped-on-his-head-a-lot metaphors) and I become sweaty, gaspy, plodding and pink as an Easter ham (mmm ... ham).

Which is exactly what happened today. It was cool and overcast when I took off for what was supposed to be an epic 20-mile excursion, but when I hit the 4-mile mark -- at the beginning of a three-mile stretch along the lakefront with NO trees or shade of any kind -- the friggin' sun burst forth and started frying all my plans for glory.

And when I got to the 17-mile turnaround, I decided it was best to cut my losses and head home without my 20-mile prize.

And then I got all heat-strokey. Again. Long story short: I ended up running about 14 or 15 miles and walking the rest.

Of course, the clouds rolled back in when I was about 3 miles from home. But by then I was beaten into submission and my legs had started to tighten up. And I started feeling like I was developing toe blisters to boot. So my ceremonial final-eighth-mile sprint home probably looked more tragic than triumphant.

And I had been such a good boy last night. They kicked us out of the office early yesterday to get the holiday weekend par-tay started, but I'd been fighting a horrible sore throat all week so I headed home and took a nice long nap that ended up lasting four hours.

I felt much better when I woke up, thank you for asking, but I wasn't quite all there. So I decided to lie low, watching TV and playing around online, and then I slept for another 9 hours and woke up all better, thanks for asking again.

So with an all-better sore throat and epic levels of sleep under my belt, I expected to hit the trail and pound out those 20 miles as easy as pie. But it was not meant to be. Curse you, perfidious running gods!

Mmmm ... pie.


Jane said...

Good job with your training. I'm also training for a marathon. Try training in the 100+ temperatures accompanied by 15% and below humidity here in Phoenix, AZ. It's almost impossible! Good luck with your race.

Anonymous said...

put me on a tennis court & the humidity here in the south is most definitely the kicker.


Dan said...

Aww! Poor jakey, better luck next time!