Thursday, September 02, 2004

It happened again!

Last month I stumbled on a print ad I wrote for Citi in -- gasp! -- Newsweek.

Then yesterday I was clicking through -- the freakin' Onion Dot Com! -- and there, flashing seductively before my very eyes, was a banner ad for Citi that I not only wrote but concepted and more or less art directed (but not, for the record, designed) as well! (Do you KNOW how famous this makes me? Yeah, I know: not at all. But it gives me a pretty huge thrill nonetheless.)

If I hadn't been so surprised by randomly stumbling on this ad, I might have had the presence of mind to grab the source link so I could display it here. About a million revisits to later, I've decided the ad was running as part of a very short media buy, because the damn thing hasn't popped up again. So I don't get to show it to you.

But if you're scrolling through any Web sites aimed at college students in the coming weeks and months and you see a Citi banner ad that uses a Space Invaders vocabulary to sell a credit card with a $0 intro APR and a $50 statement credit with your first purchase ... THAT'S MINE!

(I also wrote the jump page it takes you to. For your continued reading pleasure. Apparently there is no end to the contributions I have to make in the world of selling credit cards to poor people.)


Dan said...

Heh, I'm glad for you, jakey. :)

palochi said...

I know what you mean. Even though I've been doing ad/marketing stuff for many (many, many... sigh) years now, I still get a little charge whenever I stumble across something in the field.

You so cool. Can I touch your ad-ness? :-)

Mark said...