Friday, June 18, 2004

June is bustin' out all over

As always, June is shaping up to be an expensive month for me. And this year, it's even more expensive than usual. To wit:

• My folks' 40th anniversary
• My sister and her husband's 10th anniversary
• My sister's birthday
• Father's Day
• Fix The Air Conditioner In Jake's Car Day

And speaking of my car and my family, I'm taking off momentarily for a road trip to Iowa for a family reunion. Be good while I'm gone.


Anonymous said...

figured out how to post anonymously. woooo hoooo. im smart.

Ryan "Cookie"Hale said...

Have fun at the reunion. I've got one coming up too in Leavenworth, KS.

Anonymous said...

How anonymous is someone if they sign their name?

Kronick aka K3v1n said...

Oh geez, I completely forgot about Fix the Air Conditioner in Jake's Car Day (FtACiJCD) this year! Fortunately for me, I never take the ornaments off the FtACiJCD decorative device, and store it en masse in the attic. I will rush up and get it down. And I guess I will hit the Dollar Tree for some quickee gifts, for the Niecephews. And wouldn't you know, our family celebrate it on FtACiJCD eve, so that is one one less shopping day for me. Life can be so stressfull. Where is my 99cent wal*mart facial when I need one?