Wednesday, June 09, 2004

10 things that are bugging me today

1. It is MUGGY in our office, and the humidity is zapping my will to live.

2. Work is crazy busy, and I had to cancel my noon workout and my dinner/movie plans with Bob tonight so I could sit at my desk and type.

3. Microsoft Word keeps formatting and unformatting parts of my copy decks with random abandon.

4. Red Shirt hasn't called today, and I'm not sure if I should call him. Infatuation can be SO vexing.

5. I got a shot in my ass this morning at the doctor's, and it's actually affecting the way I sit.

6. A disarmingly cute (and probably straight) co-worker keeps getting all buddy-buddy with me. But I kinda like it. In a frustrating kind of way.

7. "In the White House, Reagan proved a maddeningly contradictory figure. An eloquent advocate of traditional values, he divorced his first wife and was often estranged from his children. A fierce advocate of balanced budgets, he never proposed one. ... An icon of button-down morality, he led an administration beleaguered by scandals. ... He mangled facts ... presided over a dark recession in 1982-83, seemed uncaring about the emerging HIV/AIDS crisis, and, in the Iran-contra scandal, came perilously close to—and may have committed—impeachable offenses." —Newsweek, June 14, 2004

8. It's June 9, 2004, but for some reason I'm holding a Newsweek dated June 14 that's covering a death that happened June 5.

9. Did I mention Red Shirt hasn't called?

10. I'm dangerously close to crashing if I don't soon find some 1) air conditioning that works and 2) sugary treats.


Ryan "Cookie"Hale said...

I hate humidity. You have my sympathy on that. That's the only downside of moving back to Kansas City... Kansas is hot and humid for most (make that all) of the summer.

no milk said...

i love cute-possibly-straight-possibly-gay coworkers. it makes me think of supply closets and out of the way restrooms. :P