Thursday, March 25, 2004

I headed back to the doctor tonight after work for the results of last week's blood tests.

Everything's pretty much where it should be, thanks for asking. My good cholesterol is low, but there's apparently nothing I can do about it. My bad cholesterol is up to 169 from 144 a year ago, but it's still way within the acceptable range.

And they somehow forgot to do the HIV test, which was kind of the whole point of all that bloodletting last week. So the doctor gave me the 20-minute in-office test, and I remain negative. Not that I had much reason to worry ...

After I left the doctor's, I stopped in Kafka Wines to flirt with the cute proprietor and then I stopped by Sidetrack to flirt with the hunky doorman. Then I called Keith and Steve, who were just sitting down to dinner with Terry and Kent a few blocks from Sidetrack. They invited me over and we had a delicious meal, played a few rounds of Scattergories (which I soundly lost) and TiVo-ed our way through tonight's Apprentice.

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