Saturday, March 20, 2004

How gay is Jake?

1) Gay.
2) Gay-ass.
3) Way gay.
4) Gary Bauer.

I'm so gay I had a fabulous spa day today with Paul. We started at Albert (say it with me: al-BERRRRRRRGH), a fussy little patisserie just north of downtown, where we enjoyed petite baguettes and French toast (get it?) and real table linens. Then we walked to a nearby wax-a-torium where we proceeded to get our backs waxed by a strong Polish lady. And since I have (well, had) little-to-no back hair, I opted to get my arms waxed as well. (Ouch!)

Newly smooth, we maneuvered through traffic logjammed around a war protest to just make it to a manicure/pedicure appointment in Boystown. As some of you may recall, my last manicure ended up being a bloody mess. This one was MUCH better, though one cuticle has been seeping a bit of red all afternoon.

Famished from our beauty ordeals, we headed to our friendly neighborhood Chipotle, gesturing grandly along the way so everyone could notice our nails and pausing briefly to paw through the sale items at the Boystown Gap before we got there.

We ran into Richard at Chipotle, and he joined us for lunch and the rest of our little shopping spree: Relics Records to check out the used show tunes, Universal Gear to check out the trendy clothing that uppity people wear when they have no personalities to make themselves interesting, and eventually the Mother Ship: DSW, where the three of us managed to buy seven pair of shoes. (Among my newest possessions: black running shoes (that make my feet look a wee bit small, so I can't wear them with flared jeans), trendy flip-flops to showcase my neatly trimmed tootsies and square-toed loafers perfect for jeans or dress-up.)

Now neatly smoothed and trimmed and shod, I'm waiting for Matthew to show up so we can head to Rick's for an all-boys movie party. Whee!

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