Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Bon jour!

I passed my beginner French final last night -- but just en pou. I had counted on getting a few minutes to review conjugations and stuff beforehand, but I counted wrong. I totally screwed up on the Qu'est-ce que ... section, but my surprising clarity on masculine and feminine pronouns saved my overall score and propelled me into the stratosphere of French II. We start in two weeks. I hear we'll be learning past-tense verbs -- but the total hottie French teacher won't be teaching my class at the times I can take it. Mon dieu!

My planned date last night after class was felled by a general malaise on his part and a THROBBING sinus headache on my part. But once I got home and squirted some industrial-strength drain cleaner up my nose, we ended up chatting on the phone for a good hour. He took off for his home state this morning, but there are already discussions about me flying out for a visit. :)

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