Thursday, March 04, 2004

1. What's the most commanding day of the year? March Forth!

2. Happy birthday to Bob!

3. Here are 12 reasons gay marriage will ruin society, again courtesy of John.

4. Our office switched from Entourage to Lotus Notes yesterday, and words cannot describe how much I hate the new system. It's as intuitive as a President Bush and as pleasant to be around as a Christian fundamentalist. I'm shocked to find myself defending a Microsoft product, but Lotus Notes is so slow and clumsy and lacking in functional relevance that it makes me want to hurt someone. For instance: You cannot shift-click to highlight a block of items in your inbox; you have to click on each item individually -- which is a total friggin' pain in the ass. And when you finish setting up a vacation message, you're given an OK button and a SAVE button -- two options that, it would seem, would give you the same result. So why the two buttons? Only the programmers know for sure.

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