Monday, April 20, 2009

Are you certain what you wish is what you want?

We just got a couple new printers at work.

Our old printers had names like Room and Hallway because back in our company's infancy they sat in places that were universally known as the one room and the one hallway.

Now that we're in our Barbie® Dream Office, we have lots of rooms and lots of hallways. And lots of printers. And as we were installing the new ones a couple weeks ago, I said we should give them names that were more descriptive. Or at least less confusing.

In a fit of shameless homosexuality creative genius, I suggested we call one of our printers Princess Sparklepony. But our printer guy said he refused to call in a repair order for something called Princess Sparklepony so we were not naming any printers Princess Sparklepony. Which I agreed was a very good reason, and I subsequently refrained from suggesting we call our other printers Porcelain Bidet, Cap'n Tinglebusiness and Manbutt.

So imagine how much Diet Coke came out of my nose today when I went to print something and I noticed a new name had been added to our printer menu:

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