Sunday, October 23, 2005

Ready for my closeup

I've spent my weekend acting in an independent film that's being entered in a 48-hour film contest. And it's been fun!

The filmmaking teams—as I've been told—are given a few required elements (character, location, plot twist, etc.) on a Friday night and 48 hours to write, cast, shoot, edit and submit a completed film. A guy in my office is one of the producers, so I got sweet-talked into auditioning—and, 48 hours later, I've memorized lines and blocking and delivered consistently nuanced performances take after take after take. (Are you listening, Hollywood? I'm that good.)

Little-known fact: The secret to good film acting is junk food. I've eaten nothing but junk food while I've been on the set, and I've given my most wooden award-worthy performance to date. Coincidence?

Anywho, it's a national competition, so I have no idea if I'll ever get a chance to see myself on a local silver screen—not that I think I could sit through even a few seconds of my face blown up bigger than Tom DeLay's arrogance—but it's been a hoot being fussed over and lighted and catered to and closeupped and coached. And everyone on the set has been incredibly professional, learning lines and moving set pieces and swinging each other's booms (that's not a metaphor for anything) and doing whatever it takes to get done in the alloted time.

And—unless I end up coming off as wooden as I felt—I promise to somehow show you-all the final product here when it's done.

Start practicing your applause for my acceptance speech.

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