Tuesday, April 19, 2005

It's all over but the photo posting

WHEW! What a weekend: three shows, two visiting family members and mountains of birthday fun. And some of it was even recorded on digital film. But not much of it. (Sometimes getting the camera out of the bag and pressing that little button is too much work.)

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Here's the final pose of our opening number. Notice the sweaty black shirts. Notice the homos gasping for air through their smiles. Notice the traditional show choir pose. (Notice the absence of sparkle fingers, though. I have to draw the line somewhere.)

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Here's the final pose of our other big dance number, which wasn't as exhausting as the opener, but it was really fun to dance. Plus we got to mount each other in at the end.

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My family sends a cake to my office every year on my birthday. This year Mom decided to run with a copywriter/editor theme, so there were misspelled words with little frosted-in corrections. And they were delishus.

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A birthday dinner with a small group of friends. Though I think the world of everyone at the table, many of these guys hadn't met each other until last night. So it was fun to watch people from different parts of my life interact with each other.

Look directly under me in this picture. You'll see a piece of chocolate cake with a scoop of vanilla gelato next to it. Though it wasn't even mine, this cake was easily the all-time BEST chocolate cake I've ever eaten. And I consider myself to be a bit of an expert on all things cake—and not just because it rhymes with Jake. (Well, maybe just a little.) Seriously, though: You must NOT let another moment go by without tasting this cake yourselves. So get your hungry cake holes to Luciano's on Rush as soon as you can—and leave plenty of room for dessert. You'll want two.

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Six happy homos, working our way carefully out of the restaurant so as not to disturb our blissfully full tummies. And so as not to let the 37-year-old fall and break a hip.


J. said...

Very Cute Grandpa. Happy Birthday.

I really enjoyed your show as well. And shows always rock even more when the tix are free. But the mofos up front didn't recognize my celebrity paparazzi status and grant me access for photos. These arrangements were made two weeks in advance, with clearance from Rich, Pat and Chuck! I was miffed. But what can you do? I think my favorite part was the ammunition song. Camp is always a big hitter.

Good show old man!

Spider said...

Are any of the other six in that pic the "Sweetie"?

Sweet Cheeks Mom said...

I noticed a hand on your hip and it's not yours . . . is that your "Sweetie?"

Sven said...

awwww. that cake is the cutest thing ever!

jon said...

Nice pun (You'll want two.). And welcome to cloud nine.

Jay said...

Not only does he dress well, but Mr. Striped Shirt has the best eyebrows.

Schorsch said...

Just for the record - so that someone finally says it out here in the comment section: Your hair does look good on those pictures...
Happy birthday!

Michael Guy said...

"Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things."

I read that sentiment somewhere once. Looks like you have some very nice memories for your birthday; good friends make the difference. Always.

Juanita said...

Hey Jake, the guy with his hand on your hip is hot. "Introduce" him to all of us! He certainly looks like a Sweetie. Is he yours?

Don't keep us in suspense!

Alina said...

OK, I can't help it, I have to ask if the hand belongs to the mistery sweetie...

And - as I can't get there to eat the cake - would you mind sending some to Bucharest?

Happy birthday again and yes, your hair actually does look great in these pictures!:)

Will said...

Jake, the chorus is lucky to have you--the choreography looks great. Our boys here in Boston do theatrical stuff as part of the GMC concerts but not so much with dance.

The new hair looks really good!