Tuesday, April 05, 2005


The biopsied moles were nothing. Just as I'd hoped expected. The nurse who took out my stitches even told me my wounds were healing nicely. Which I think would look great on a tombstone:
He healed nicely.
(Except this time.)

So thus ends the 2005 Cancer and Heart Disease False Alarm Tour. And everyone loves things that come with a happy ending.

But there's more! Today was the first stunningly gorgeous day of spring. And since my 4:15 doctor appointment actually started on time, I was home by 5:30—which gave me plenty of time and plenty of light and plenty of gorgeous weather to do my first training run for the marathon.

Now, I've been very good about blowing off my cardio over the last few months—hell, since the marathon last October—so I didn't expect to get very far tonight. But I surprised myself by whipping out five miles without much trouble at all. In fact, the endorphin rush started almost immediately, which made tonight's run quite enjoyable.

In the last mile, though, the age-old Epic Battle did start up again in my head: It Huuuuuuurts vs. The Pride Of Accomplishment. As usual, Accomplishment won out, thanks in part to its ever-helpful sidekick, The Sooner I Get Home, The Sooner I Can Enjoy A Delicous, Ice-Cold Gatorade.

And now I'm in the middle of Epic Battle Episode II: My Butt Stinks vs. I'm Too Tired To Take A Shower.

Pray for rain.


Will said...

Great news, Jake. These things mostly turn out to be nothing, but there's always that rare chance and it's nice to know you're beyond the worries now.

Jeff said...

Not to brag, but I had six of those flesh canapes done on my back and one on my shoulder all at the same time. In the doctor's office. With just some local. And a shot of whiskey... J/K Glad to hear all is well in melanoma-land.

And please tell me My Butt Stinks won... ;P

Michael Guy said...

Two words: French bath. That's 3 squirts of cologne across the bum and into bed with your bad self. Good news on the mole reports; now maybe I'll go in for a check up as well.

Gilbert said...

Good to know that everything's ok. It must have been a big relief.

Alina said...

Glad to hear you’re ok! But please tell me something: how do you make Pride of Accomplishment win? Especially when watching a movie with a friend sound so much better! I think I need some guidelines on that…

Jay said...

For the sake of your linens, please say bath won.

palochi said...

Happy to hear you're healthy.

And I think you should be working with George Lucas on some film ideas, such as the Epic Battle Episode of "Star Wars VII: My Butt Stinks."

Ryan said...

Good to hear things are fine.

I can't believe you're even debating bathing. The shower is the best part after a workout (at least for clean-freaks like me).

Portuga said...

I thought the

"He healed nicely.
(Except this time.)"

was superb lolol