Saturday, March 19, 2005

I've doubled my tat collection!

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art: Mickey Mouse
location: outside left ankle
location appropriateness for showing co-workers (1-10): 8
pain factor (1-10): 7.5
tat date: the day after Thanksgiving 1991
healing time: months and months of scabbing and bleeding and limping (I felt like I'd been clubbed)
cost: $50 in cash, can't remember if I left a tip
reason: ink gives you street cred
observation: it's really hard to take a clear picture of the outside of your own ankle

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art: the date and finishing time for my first marathon
location: lower back, just below my underwear line
location appropriateness for showing co-workers (1-10): 1
percentage of co-workers I've shown it to anyway: 80
pain factor (1-10): 5
tat date: the day before St. Patrick's Day 2005
healing time: 48 hours, minimal bleeding
cost: $60 + $10 tip on a credit card that gives me cash back!
reason: marathon bragging rights, an excuse to get another tattoo
observation: it's really hard to take a clear picture of the space just above your own buttcrack

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location: arch of my right foot
expected pain factor (1-10): I was gonna guess around 4
demonstrated PhotoShop skills (1-10): 1.5
reasons for wanting that location: foot tattoos are sexy, it won't be embarrassingly prominent when I'm 80, my right leg is the one that gave me all the trouble when I was training for and running the marathon and IT MUST BE PUNISHED
reason that location was rejected: the tattoo guy said that your feet slough off cells so quickly, the tattoo would literally be gone in a matter of weeks
location appropriateness for showing co-workers (1-10): 5
percentage of co-workers I would have shown it to anyway: 90
observation: it's really hard to take a clear picture of the arch of your own foot


Todd said...

I had fun reading 100 things about you, and these tatoos are interesting.Just don't get too obsessed with inking up that bod of yours.

Jay said...

Dammit...I have been wanting more ink. Now I have to actually think about it. I imagine an infinity sign merged with a biohazard symbol. Isn't life all about hazards?

windreader said...

aw - some of us would be happy to see some of your butt crack. or all of it, for that matter. especially if you were making the copious butt hair thing up a while ago.....

R said...

I saw a woman with typewriter alphabet letters all over her arm the other day. It was actually kind of hot, though.

RcktMan Rick said...

I would have to imagine that the foot thing would have hurt like a bitch. Not worth it if it would have disappeared quickly. (Imagine walking (or dancing- hello!) with that thing scabbing and healing? FUN!)

Dantallion said...

I like the idea behind the marathon day and time.

But damn you for making think all over again about getting my very first tattoo...between the shoulder blades. I wonder what the pain factor's gonna be like?

Sweet Cheeks Mom said...

I think the foot would have hurt very BADLY. My husband does tattoos and he won't do feet for that reason. I would think that would have hurt ALOT more than what you think it would have hurt. Cool idea for a tattoo.

Michael Guy said...

I dunno. That hairy ankle 'mickey' tattoo sorta has a 'decoupage' crackle look to it. Maybe I'll go modge podge a jewel box for my niece and use this as the centerpiece. Got macaroni and a glue gun?

Scott said...

I have a tattoo so I know what it feels like, but I think a tattoo on the arch of your foot would hurt like a son of a bitch.

dan said...

You kick ass at photoshop. But you chose right, a foot is an akward place for a tattoo, although I understand the marathon significance. If I ran a marathon I'd tattoo it on my forehead.