Thursday, March 03, 2005

¡Adios! Au revoir!

Voy al Madrid y Paris con tres amigos hasta el 12 de Marzo.

Matthew's coming to pick me up in 20 minutes. I'm nowhere NEAR packed. So of course I'm making a blog post.

First things first.

Interesting vacation trivia: I'm going to Madrid. I've been going to Madrid for almost a year. I know where Madrid is. I minored in Spanish, for goodness' sake.

So for some demented reason I keep telling people I'm going to Barcelona. I've BEEN to Barcelona. I most certainly know the difference between the two cities. And yet, when I turned the page on my calendar this week, there it was, in big bold letters: BARCELONA.

Sheesh. I need a vacation.

Be good while I'm gone!


portuguesa nova said...

I'm reeling with jealousy! Have a fabulous trip.

Alina said...

Have the best trip ever! You know I would kill to be in your shoes right now... Maybe next year!

R said...

Have fun in Madrid and/or Barcelona!

shower said...

it's just as bad as calling your date David, when it's Dan.

the Shower Room