Saturday, November 13, 2004

Weekend adventures

After a lovely 13-hour workday on Friday, I headed straight to Crew for Brandon's birthday party. Crew is Chicago's first (?) gay sports bar, and it opened pretty recently in a neighborhood on the verge of mega-gentrification—which also happens to be a not-too-terribly-long walk from my house. Every time I've been there, it's been pretty packed, but it doesn't seem to attract the caliber of hotties one would expect at a gay sports bar. But we keep hoping.

Dashed locker-room fantasies notwithstanding, we had a great night, and I finally got to meet Sven—who's even cuter than his pictures let on.

Tuesday's migraine has left me tired and out of sorts all week, but I had nothing terribly important to do today, so I climbed into bed when I got home Friday night intending to sleep as long as I could, and I ended up getting in a good 12 hours. Which makes me feel almost better.

My weekend to-do list included getting my oil changed and getting a start on my shopping for some of the crap thoughtful gifts I've already decided to get my family for Christmas. But by the time I got to my friendly neighborhood Jiffy Lube this afternoon, there was a long wait—so long that I got through a Newsweek AND a half-read New Yorker and ended up being forced to watch football to keep killing time in the waiting area (the horror!)—and one oil change and an unplanned fuel-injector flush later, I wasn't in the mood to do any shopping. So I headed home—only to discover my Czech Engine light had been on since Ieft Jiffy Lube. (Honestly, I don't know why they can't build decent, reliable engines in America, but that's a rant for a different post.) So I get to go back to Jiffy Lube tomorrow to see what the hell they did to fuck up my engine. Yay me.


Derek said...

Ugh Jiffy Lube? They've screwed over a couple of people I know by either A - Not changing the oil even though they say they did B - Draining the oil and not putting enough (or any) oil in to replace it or C - Not draining the oil and just adding a bunch of oil in. (the later actually happened to a car we'd purchased from a dealer and forgot to check the oil levels on before we paid for it oops)

I usually try to change the oil in my car myself. It's not rocket science like some people seem make it out to be, it's just a matter of having a spot to do it in (which living in the city I'd imagine would make it about impossible for you) or I take it to someone I know who has the area to do it in (thankfully my brother and across the parking lot neighbor are ASE certified and my dad knows his way around a car) Anything terribly advanced I just take to the dealer if nobody has time (and pay premium). Then I make sure they don't do anything other than what the manual calls for.

As far as America not knowing how to build decent engines . . . Well that's why I ended up buying my second Subaru Impreza. Then later someone ran me off I-94 onto a median. His insurance covered the damages but after 12k worth of work to the suspension the car isn't quite as reliable as it should be where the suspension is concerned. But hey the engine and transmission work great! :p

I think you said earlier in your blog that you drive a Neon. I looked at Neon's before I bought this car. We'd always had bad luck with Chrysler products though so it was more of a "for fun" thing. The salesperson started going on about how the only reason Hondas and Toyotas last so long is because their maintenance schedules are so stringent. I could see his point until he said "And why should you have to replace a timing belt BEFORE it breaks?? You wait for things on cars to break before you fix them!" I'm no guru when it comes to car maintenance but everything I've ever been told said that a broken timing belt would cause major engine damage . . . That's why they call it preventative maintenance. That ended my visit to the Dodge dealer.

RcktMan Rick said...

Oh Jake... First of all, I'm glad you made it to the party. Second, I wish I could do strikeouts in comments so I could tell you that I'm so glad you were able to (FUCK YOURSELF SILLY) get the point that Manhunt is a waste of (LUBE AND OTHER SEX SUPPLIES) time and you were able to move on to other more (MESSY AND HEDONISTIC) sensible things.


Will said...

Jake, I always thought your strike-outs were very witty and that you were having as much fun putting them in as I was reading them. Even though I thought you were revealing truths, I appreciate the rueful style you use to do it.