Monday, November 15, 2004

Safety and health

I've always subscribed to a strict policy of safety first: I always wear my seatbelt, I always use a condom (I'm wearing one right now!), I shred my used financial documents, I don't allow myself to be thrown onto the tracks in front of oncoming trains, etc. But I've never been able to let go of the blindingly clever passwords (really! it's too bad I can't tell you what they are!) that I concocted years ago when I opened the two email accounts I still use to this day.

Last week, though, I decided it was just too scary to contemplate the thought of malicious strangers accessing my email and compromising the security of all those rehearsal schedules, fan letters and electronic Old Navy coupons.

So I did it. I changed my email password. (Just one, though. Baby steps.)

But—like the words to "Dancing Queen" and the proper way to fold a fitted sheet—that old password is hard-wired into my DNA. And I automatically type it every time I try to open that email account. Every. Fucking. Time.

The new password is blindingly clever, too. It's too bad I can't tell you what it is.

Last week, my adorable nephew told his teacher he had Virus One in an effort to get out of class and go sit with the school nurse. He's only five. When did he get to be such a creative hypochondriac? And where the hell did he come up with "Virus One"?


Erick said...

That is so funny about your nephew. I was like that as well,my nurses name was Mrs. Arenholz. She went through a divorce during third and fourth grade. I learned all about property settlements, liquifing assests and fast remarriges. But what truly bonded us was our shared love of Judy Garland! I've always wondered what happened to her. Oh well, sweet youth

Hugo said...

Please please please tell me how to fold a fitted sheet. I know, I know - I'm gay and should know how, but I must have missed that lecture..

Lauren Taylor Harrison said...

(Thank God I found my Blogger ID.) I have given up on folding fitted sheets. I display the flats stacked nicely (even ironed), but I hide the fitted.

Anonymous said...

... now that was a question that even for me, a hetero German, was most intriguing: how the hell do you fold a friggin’ fitted sheet without making a complete fool of yourself and/or wanting to kill yourself/someone?
But, lo and behold, help is on the way:
I guess that question has been keeping quite a few people awake at night. But then again, who would want to sleep on a sheet that had been tucked away, out of sight, just because it was so horribly folded?