Saturday, November 20, 2004


What do you say when you're making small talk with a guy at a bar and you really don't want it to go any further than that and he asks for your number?

On the flip side, why would you set yourself up for awkwardness and rejection by asking for a number from a guy you've been talking to for all of 10 minutes?

And when that guy -- no matter how skillfully or clumsily -- says he doesn't want to give you his number, why would you keep asking him for it?

OK, that was three questions.


R said...

The answer is clearly to give him the number for the Bronx Zoo.

Hugo said...


Erik said...

1) What do you say instead of giving your digits?

a) I don't give out my number the first night I meet someone.
b) I want to remember you just as you were. On this night. This conversation. (Delivery is important here, best rueful Bogart voice)
c) My boyfriend will kill me if he catches me giving out my number again.

2) Why would he ask for the digits?

a) Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
b) It's the heart afraid of breaking that never learns to blah blah blah.
c) Have you not looked in the mirror?

3) Why keep on asking after you have said no?

a) Not using correct American Sign Language.
b) He believes weariness is next to horniness.
c) You can't have kNOowledge without ‘no.’

Peter said...

Desperation.... no matter how discouraging you were trying to be, you still could not be as discouraging as all the other guys who weren't giving him the time of day. You were not rude and dismissive... and that alone convinced him that he had a chance. I'm reminded of this state of affairs every time I visit one of the boy bars... which is why I tend not to go there very much. Sad.

Ryan said...

I always say that as a rule I don't give my number out in bars because there are too many weirdos, but that if they want to give me theirs, that's fine.

Of course then you run the risk of feeling like a jerk if you bump into them again and they ask why you never called, but I keep a clean conscience by making sure to never explicitly say "I'll call you" after they've handed over the digits.

Whilst out and drunk a couple of weeks ago, I stupidly gave my number to some guy and have since been dealing with an annoying calls from a moron who can't get a clue even after I've yet to return a single one of his half dozen messages. I'm now very much reminded about why I have my policy.

Sam said...

1. You laugh and say "you're not getting my number." And if you're (I'm) particuarly nice, he gets a kiss on the cheek when you (I) walk away from him.

2. Desperation makes the will grow stronger?

3. Because Jake is utterly irresistible.

You can't help it, don't be ashamed.

RcktMan Rick said...

Hell if I know... nobody ever asks me for my number...

SparklesMpls said...

I usually insist that they give me their number. If they refuse I make a little game out of it. "If you won't give me yours, I'm not giving you mine." Yes, it's childish, but if they haven't gotten the picture by then, they haven't gotton beyond childhood anyhow.

Andy said...

You could boil his bunny.

Plus, there's semaphore.

Sven said...

i soooo looked for you saturday night at sidetrash...

palochi said...

I think you should given him Rckt's number.

Two birds, one stone. :-)

David said...

BE NICE. It hurts to be rejected. Not, that I uh..., know anything about that..., I gotta go now...,