Monday, November 08, 2004

One big day. Two minor celebrities.

Steve from Blue's Clues
I spent my last few hours in Iowa yesterday morning snuggled up on the couch with random combinations of my niece, my nephew, their favorite toys and their boneless, co-dependent cat, Lucy. At some point, my niece insisted we watch Blue's Clues, a show I'd heard about but had never seen. And in short order, I'd discovered the cuteness of Steve, the show's adorable, wide-eyed host. He was probably like 12 years old when the episode we watched was filmed, so I'm sure that just admitting I thought he was cute guarantees me a spot in the top bunk of Michael Jackson's prison cell. But, in my defense, I can point out that he looks much older (and still pretty cute) today.

Clinton from What Not To Wear
I got back to Chicago yesterday just in time to head to chorus rehearsal. Afterward, Matt and I had our ceremonial IHOP dinner (where I -- in an ill-advised fit of creative indulgence -- made the mistake of trying the stuffed french toast) and then I headed to Sidetrack to pick up guys spend the last few moments of my weekend among my people. I hadn't been there five minutes when I ran into Anders, who promptly spun me around and introduced me to his new best friend, Clinton Kelly (who seemed less than impressed with me and my Old Navy ribbed V-neck T-shirt that I got for $3 at the Brown Elephant, even though I helpfully pointed out a pre-famous Teri Garr shaking her coochie in the background of Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" video mere moments after we were introduced). I won't retaliate to his indifference with bitchy comments, but I will say the guy is really gay tall, and I definitely wouldn't wear the cheerleader-sweater-and-untucked-shirt ensemble he was sporting. But it worked for him. In that light.


Ryan said...

I've always had a little thing for Blue's Clues Steve. I got a chance to see him/his band play a year or so ago and they were pretty good. At one point the crowd was chanting insults about Steve's inferior replacement on the show, "Joe."

Will said...

Jake, I'm glad you didn't retaliate to his indifference with bitchy comments. It would have been so uncool.

R said...

It always feels good to take the moral high ground. Especially when the would-be target of criticism totally dresses like a pom-pom squad.

Matt_Sweet said...

My friends and I would watch Blue's Clues when were were in college and grad school. I felt like a perv at the time.

Did I just use the word "perv?" Oh my God. Gotta go.

RcktMan Rick said...

1. Blues Clues Steve. Yum. Always thought he was cute. I hear he is some sort of rock singer or something now. Someting about the green n' white shirt he wore too. Just accentuated things... nicely.

2. Clinton - I was there that night and heard you say you met him. He isn't so bad on that show. It's that girl he's on the show with. I'd have to have asked him whether he ever wanted to slug her. She annoys the crap out of me.

3. Teri Garr - Was that you that pointed that out to me long ago, or was I the one that pointed that out to you? I forget now. In any case, NOBODY knows that. Until you point it out to them. I love silly trivia bits like that.