Monday, May 17, 2004

The niece's first voicemail


You have ... ONE ... new voice message and ... TWO ... saved messages.

Say, Hi Uncle Jake.

Hi, Uppa Jake!

Say, I went potty.

I weh paaee.

Where did you go potty?


Where did you go potty, sweetheart?

On the toyla.

Say, I love you, Uncle Jake.

I la ya, Uppa Jake!

Say, bye-bye.

Bah bye.


1 comment:

Kronick aka K3v1n said...

Congrats - here is my niece's extent of conversation with me - "bye" this is after intently listening to me blather on. She was so shy in person, she hid her eyes when I was in the room. Mine is just under 2 Years old. :-(