Friday, May 28, 2004

10 Worst Pop Songs of All Time

Joyride Roxette
What if God Was (sic) One of Us? Joan Osbourne
Borderline Madonna
Lucky Star Madonna
Like a Virgin Madonna
Carwash Rose Royce
Nasty Boys Janet Jackson
I Feel Like a Woman Shania Twain
I Wanna Sex You Up Color Me Badd
Rhythm is a Dancer Snap


Mikeynolikey said..., No vanilla Ice? Ok, he did pose nude with madonna in the SEX BOOK, but he deserves much more attention, even if it is for worst pop ballad, ice ice baby! see ya'!

Ryan "Cookie"Hale said...

Bad, yes. But, some are so infectious that they just stick to you like, well, glue (Madonna being one of them, but I like her anyways). Others are just so bad they should be banned for good (I Wanna Sex You Up, for example).